Marwan Dudin
A Jordanian Statesman

Marwan Dudin

Former minister
Marwan Dudin

Born in Beersheba (Palestine) October 4th, 1936 Town of origin: Dura-Elkhalil (Hebron)
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Started his career in the field of education as a teacher of English in government high schools and junior colleges (Teachers' training) and became director of student affairs; then joined the Royal Jordanian Airlines (ALIA) then.

In early 1971 at a very critical era in Jordan, he was appointed as Director General of Radio Jordan - Jordan’s Voice - under Prime Minister Wasfi Al Tal for about three years to be appointed in August 1973 to his first Ministerial post Under Prime Minister Zaid Al Rifai as Minister of Culture & Information tasked to handle the October War media coverage to the world. Afterwards he was appointed as Minister of State at the Prime Minister’s office until 1974, witnessing closely the Kissinger shuttle diplomacy.

In September 1974 became the Chairman and CEO of the Jordanian Cooperative Organization, and then became ambassador to Romania in 1978.He became the Director General of the Cities & Villages Bank for few months in 1980 to become in the same year Minister of Agriculture until 1984 under Prime Minister Mudar Badran. He assumed highest positions in heading two Companies in the Public and Private Sectors.

In 1986 became Minister of the Occupied Territories and in 1988 Minister of Labor under Prime Minister Zaid Al Rifai. In June 1993, he was assigned to the bilateral Jordanian Israeli Peace Negotiations as Deputy Chief Negotiator and Head of the delegation to the Multilateral Negotiations to the Refugee Working Group.

In December 1st 1997 he was assigned as Chairman of the Board and President of the Aqaba Region to prepare with the World Bank for the feasibility study of establishing the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

He was appointed Senator in September 1998, he constitutionally witnessed the Accession and Coronation of king Abdullah II to the throne 7th Feb 1999. He continued serving as member of the Senate until 2012, while being honored whenever needed to join some Royal & National committees such as the Royal Constitutional Reform Committee 2011 . In October 2012, a royal decree appointed him member of the first Jordanian Constitutional Court ( Supreme Court )

Dudin is married since 1960 and has a family of five (two daughters & three sons) and a tribe of 16 grandchildren.

On 18th of April 2016 Marwan Dudin passed away after a long life filled with service and love




Member of the Higher Constitutional Court


Member of Upper House, Senate, Senator.
The Supreme Council for Interpreting the Constitution


Member of the Royal Committee for Constitutional Amendments


Member of the Upper House, Senate, Senator.


Member of the Upper House, Senate, Senator. Rapporteur of the Foreign Affairs Committee


President of the Aqaba Region, Aqaba-Jordan.


Head of the Jordanian Delegation (multi-Lateral) Refugee Working Group Jordanian Israeli Peace negotiations


Deputy Chief Negotiator, Bilateral Peace Talks with Israel, Washington.




Minister of Labor.


Minister of Occupied Territories Affairs.


Executive Director, Jordan Distribution Agency (Private Sector), Amman.


Minister of Agriculture.


Director General, Development bank for Cities and Villages, Amman.


Ambassador to Romania - Bucharest.


President (JCO) Jordan Cooperative Organization.


Minister of State, Prime Minister’s office.


Minister of Culture and Information


Director General, Broadcasting (Radio Jordan).


Director of Personnel, the Royal Jordanian Airlines


Director of student Affairs, (CPM) College of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, KSA.


Translation specialist, ARAMCO, Dhahran, KSA


Teacher of English, Arroub Junior College-Hebron (Occupied West bank -HKJ).

Royal Decoration

(AL-KAWKAB) First order 1974

(AL-ISTIKLAL) Second order 1972

2011 Member of the Royal Committee for Constitutional Amendments.

2002 Member of the Royal Commission for Jordan first, head of the Political Parties committee 1986 Member of the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs

World Affairs Council - Jordan

Jordanian Diplomatic Club

BA degree in English Language & literature from Cairo University (1954-1958)